I help others heal with YOGA, REIKI and FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY.

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Change your life.


I'm Rosemarie Fem, healer and yoga teacher.

I'm passionate about working with people and animals, using reiki, yoga and harnessing the healing powers of plants to achieve incredible results. Find out more about me here:


"Rosemarie is a powerful healer. I hadn't even heard of flower essence therapy before, but because of Rosemarie's energy I was instantly IN. I was dealing with a deeply personal, emotional issue at the time, and I just sensed that she could help me. I was right. Grateful for you and your work, Rosemarie. Thank you."

Sarah Vermunt, Career Coach

"Rosemarie's humility, honesty, and love create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere, and her analytical mind is quick to recognize complimentary tools to support healing. Many emotional blocks were worked through during our sessions, allowing for growth and release. Chi Miigwech, Rosemarie, forever grateful!"

Jeanette Smith,

Health Equity Consultant

"Rosemarie created wonderful personalized flower remedies to help me with issues I was dealing with. Within a day of taking the flower remedies, they gently started making me feel different and I was able to deal with the specific issues I was working on. Flower remedies are truly powerful. Rosemarie is one of the kindest and loveliest people I've ever met. I highly recommend Rosemarie and the personalized flower remedies she creates."

Vishala Ramoutar,

FInancial Analyst

"Thank you, Rosemarie, for understanding my blocks and formulating these new ways through. Your custom formulas have helped me deepen my connection to myself and have strengthened my grounding and my presence. I appreciate your intuition, your example, and your kind care."

Lia Maston,

Architect & Actor